Friday, May 24, 2024

8:30 AM | Coffee and light refreshments

9:00 AM | Welcome and opening comments

9:10 AM | PAPER ONE: Dr. Gray Sutanto: "A Sense of the Divine: An Affective Model of General Revelation"

Respondent: Dr. Luke Stamps

10:40 AM | Coffee and light refreshments

11:00 AM | PAPER TWO: Dr. Tom Duttweiler: "Reformed Epistemology and Scripture"

Respondent: Dr. Kegan Shaw

12:30 PM | Lunch on one's own 

2:10 PM | PAPER THREE: Dr. Ben Whittington: "What Breathes Fire into These Counterfactuals? An Exploration into Theistic Counterfactuals"

Respondent: Dr. Ross Inman

3:50 PM | PAPER FOUR: Dr. Jonathan Rutledge: "From Divine Arbitrariness to Egalitarianism: Reflections on the Metaphysics of Subordination" 

Respondent: Dr. J. T. Turner

6:15 PM | Conference Banquet
Cost is included with conference fee

Saturday, May 25, 2024

8:30 AM | Coffee and light refreshments

9:00 AM | PAPER FIVE: Dr. Kimberley Kroll: "A High Priestly Blessing: The Ascended Christ and Conditioned Indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit"

Respondent: Dr. Adam Renberg

10:30 AM | Coffee and light refreshments

10:50 AM | PAPER SIX: Dr. Andrew Hollingsworth: "Divine Minds, Fields of Force, Trinitarian Persons, and the Agency of God" 

Respondent: Mr. Randall Price

12:20 PM | Lunch on one's own 

2:00 PM | PAPER SEVEN: Dr. Parker Haratine: "Sin and Moral Wrongdoing"

Respondent: Dr. Ross Parker

3:40 PM | PAPER EIGHT: Dr. Jordan Wessling and Dr. Roger Turner: "The Direct Argument and Divine Determinism"

Respondent: Dr. Ben Whittington

5:10 PM | Closing comments