Friday, May 20

8:30 AM | Coffee and light refreshments

9:00 AM | Welcome and opening comments

9:10 AM | PAPER ONE: Jordan Wessling and Beau Branson, "The Church as a Singular, Persisting Institution."

Response: Christopher Woznicki

10:40 AM | Coffee and light refreshments

11:00 AM | PAPER TWO: Fellipe Do Vale, "What God Has Joined Together, Let No One Separate: Bodies and Culture in the Metaphysics of Gender."

Response: Matthew Baddorf

12:30 PM | Lunch on one's own

2:10 PM | PAPER THREE: Aaron Davis, "When is Salvation Compassionately Exclusivist? Temporal Possibilities for Post-Mortem Salvation."

Response: J. T. Turner

3:50 PM | PAPER FOUR: Ryan Mullins, "Panentheism, the Necessity of the Cosmos, and Divine Time."

Response: Ross Parker

6:15 PM | Dinner in the G. Ross Anderson, Jr. Student Center
Cost is included with conference fee

Saturday, May 21

8:30 AM | Coffee and light refreshments

9:00 AM | PAPER FIVE: Timothy Pawl, "The Conciliar Narrow-Scope Negation View of the Incarnation."

Response: Beau Branson

10:30 AM | Coffee and light refreshments

10:50 AM | PAPER SIX: Donald Fairbairn, "Interpreting Conciliar Christology: An Overview in the Service of Analytic Theology."

Response: Christopher Tomaszewski

12:20 PM | Lunch on one's own

2:00 PM | PAPER SEVEN: Derek King, "Attending to God: Gregory of Nyssa, Spiritual Formation, and the Psychology of Attention."

Response: Ryan Mullins

3:40 PM | PAPER EIGHT: James Anderson, "A Four-Case Defense of the Authorial Model of Divine Providence."

Response: Roger Turner

5:10 PM | Closing comments