The 2024 schedule will be shared in April 2024. But, it will share a similar rhythm to the 2023 schedule listed below..

Friday, May 19, 2023

8:30 AM | Coffee and light refreshments

9:00 AM | Welcome and opening comments

9:10 AM | PAPER ONE: Dr. Scott Williams: "Prosopological Interpretation and Indexical Speech in a Conciliar Social Model of the Trinity"

Respondent: Dr. Adam Renberg

10:40 AM | Coffee and light refreshments

11:00 AM | PAPER TWO: Dr. Jared Oliphint: "A Response to a Metaphysical Argument for Gender Revisionism"

Respondent: Dr. James Anderson

12:30 PM | Lunch on one's own 

2:10 PM | PAPER THREE: Dr. Randy Everist: "Immanent Powers, Phase Sortals, Finks, Freedom, and the Eschaton: A Recipe for Christian Immortality?"

Respondent: Jordan Steffaniak

3:50 PM | PAPER FOUR: Dr. Jordan Wessling:  The Toughest of Loves: Toward a Neo-Nyssan Model of Severe Divine Punishments

Respondent: Tom Duttweiler

6:15 PM | Conference Banquet
Cost is included with conference fee

Saturday, May 20, 2023

8:30 AM | Coffee and light refreshments

9:00 AM | PAPER FIVE: Chris Lee: "Theodicy, Disability, and Thomistic Hylomorphism: On the Metaphysics of Disabilities"

Respondent: Dr. Christopher Tomaszewski

10:30 AM | Coffee and light refreshments

10:50 AM | PAPER SIX: Dr. R. T. Mullins: "The Trinitarian Processions"

Respondent: Dr. Jordan Wessling

12:20 PM | Lunch on one's own 

2:00 PM | PAPER SEVEN: Dr. Christopher Woznicki: "Spirit-Christological Anthropology: The Image of God, Edwardsean Christology, and the Model of Faith"

Respondent: Dr. J. T. Turner

3:40 PM | PAPER EIGHT: Dr. Greg Welty: "Seeing is Not Believing: Plantinga's Extended A/C Model and the Inferential Nature of Essential Christian Doctrine"

Respondent: Dr. Ross Parker

5:10 PM | Closing comments